About Us

Our mission at J.Craft Beverage is to share exceptional products that make the difference in the lives of our clients and their customers through healthy, high-quality beverages.

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J.Craft Beverage was founded in 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic. During this unprecedented time in our lives, we couldn’t help thinking about our health and how important it is to put good things in our bodies. With years under our belt as café owners and beverage connoisseurs, healthy beverage distribution was the answer. Our small team went to work finding the best quality and healthy beverages we could, and J.Craft was born! We are still a small family-owned business but making a big impact on the beverage industry.  




Jay Knox

As Head of Sales and Client Partnerships, Jay focuses on adding the right brands to our roster and keeping all the customers happy! He loves hanging with the fam and enjoys cars and boats. 



Courtney Knox headshot

Handling all things behind the scenes, Courtney focuses on finances, inventory, and sales analysis. She is originally from Wisconsin, and made the move to Charlotte about 10 years ago. She enjoys cooking, reading a great book, and wild weekends with her family.


Ellie Laxer headshot

As our Junior Designer, Ellie is the creative brain behind J.Craft. She manages our social media, email campaigns, and marketing materials remotely out of Tampa, Florida. When she's not designing, you can find her reading in her local coffee shop or kicking around on the soccer field.



We decided to focus on the right brands, not always the biggest brands. J.Craft Beverage services North and South Carolina. Our brand roster has and will always be built on relationships, not just profits. Once we decide to on-board a brand, we really know who we’re working with. From our amazing local brands with a passion for delivering a well-crafted small batch beverage, to our national brands that you can find across the country, our PARTNERSHIP has been created through strategy meetings, detailed conversations, and family discussions to solidify our bond.   

Our goal as a distributor is to build great relationships with our retail partners through a history of experience from being in their shoes as previous buyers. We understand the power in having the right products… at the right price… at the right time to ensure success.  

TOGETHER we make buying and selling easier!