Our Brands

At J. Craft Beverage, our mission is to bring health and wellness to the Southeast by sourcing high-quality beverage brands and distributing their product to various locations throughout the region. We current distribute eight unique, health-conscious brands from across the United States. Let's learn who they are, what they offer, and how you can sell their amazing products to your customers. 


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Woman with blonde hair holding Elevate canned sparkling water while laughing  

Crunchy Hydration

Virginia Beach, VA

Om (CBD) | Elevate (CBD) | Calm | Energize

Crunch Hydration is our newest brand. Their focus is to establish a unique line of sparkling water that inspires consumers to not just purchase products, but to join the Crunchy lifestyle. They crafted a line of beverages for physical and mental health that are delicious and dynamic in flavor with out the sugar and added calories.

D8 Seltzer

Charlotte, NC

Lime | Mango | Berry (coming soon)

D8 Seltzer is all about bringing people together using a variety of cannabinoids to promote wellness, bring awareness to the benefits of hemp-derived products, and foster a community to continue the conversation. Their latest product is a great tasting, low calorie, perfect-for-any-occasion beverage. 

four friends drinking d8 seltzers outside at a social gathering
bottle of cold brew coffee being board into clear mug tumbler filled with ice  

Magnolia Coffee Roasters 

Matthews, NC

Jade Nitro Cold Brew | Papau New Guinea Cold Brew 

Magnolia Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee company offering authentically-sourced, small batched roasted coffees ensuring sustainable pricing, and a distinctively special taste.  

Black Powder Coffee Roasters

Mooresville, NC

Black Powder is a responsibly harvested, craft roasted, small batch coffee bean roaster of prime shade grown at high elevations from a variety of origins.

two coffee concentrate bottle behind glass of cold brew
sum bucha kombucha held out over the charlotte skyline

Sum Bucha Kombucha

Charlotte, NC

Positively Pineapple | Lavender Lemonade | Flower Power | Seasonal

Through a quest for a healthier lifestyle, Sum Bucha was born with a commitment to sustainability and locally sourcing their ingredients. 

Borinquen Kombucha

Charlotte, NC

Piña Colada | Mango | Pineapple | Guava

Borinquen Kombucha provides a smooth, enjoyable sipping experience without the harsh vinegar taste. The fruity flavors are perfect for refreshment, in addition to the numerous kombucha health benefits. 

 women holding borinquen kombucha at a bar
nitro hibiscus tea in glass from keg tap  


Charlotte, NC

Various Botanical Teas Blends | Nitro Hibiscus Berry Tea

OTPST was founded on their "Let's Go" satellite spirit. Their mission is to bring the world healthy, well-crafted botanical teas to cultivate that energy.

BLK. Water

Calabasas, CA

Original | Dirty Lemonade | Strawberry Rhubarb 

The blk. company is an icon of form and function, and supporter of a healthy lifestyle that is conscious of the modern individual. The water is infused with the powerful vitamins and trace minerals that will help achieve and maintain optimal performance. 

 blk water refreshment during weights workout
boxed water held out over an autumn garden  

Boxed Water

Holland, MI

Original | Blackberry | Cucumber | Grapefruit | Lemon

Boxed Water will refresh your day as your help renew our planet with their classic 92% plant-based box. Each flavor starts with an award-winning 100% purified drinking water and layers in subtle, natural flavors with zero sugar or artificial ingredients.


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